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El Patron Tequila Challenge

🎉 Join the excitement at El Patron with the Tequila Challenge! 🥳🔥 Face off against the clock and competitors, down 10 shots of El Patron Tequila for a chance to win R1000! 🏆 Break the 33-second record for a spot on the Wall of Fame! 🌟 Confirm your participation, follow the rules, and share your challenge journey on socials! Tag #Elpatrontequilachallenge. 🚨 Participants must be of legal drinking age. Engage at your own risk. Ready for the thrill? 💪🔞

📢 Get ready for the ultimate thrill at El Patron! 🎉 Introducing the El Patron Tequila Challenge! 🥳🔥

📌 Entry Fee: R350 – Book online or pay at the bar. Include your name and number!

📅 Challenge Night: Saturday night - Free entry for participants!

🥃 Competition Setup: Face competitors and the clock. Finish 10 shots of El Patron Tequila as fast as you can!

⏱️ Time to Beat: 2 minutes! Can you break the record?

🏆 Prize: Instant R1000 cash for the fastest finisher! 🤑

🌟 Bonus Achievement: Beat the 33-second record and make it to the prestigious El Patron Wall of Fame! 📸

📸 Documentation: Your challenge journey will be recorded. Share it on your socials!

🔗 Social Media: Tag El Patron and use #Elpatrontequilachallenge.

🚀 Compliance: Follow all rules and regulations during the challenge!

📝 Participation Confirmation: Confirm your understanding and agreement by entering.

👑 Organizer's Authority: El Patron has the final say on all challenge matters.

🤝 Code of Conduct: Display good sportsmanship and respect. Disruptive behavior may lead to disqualification.

🎟️ Age Restriction: Legal drinking age participants only.

🚨 Disclaimer: Participants engage at their own risk – El Patron is not liable for any injuries.

🔄 Rule Modifications: El Patron may update rules; participants will be informed in advance.

🤝 Good Sportsmanship: Respect your fellow competitors and organizers!

📢 Event Promotion: Your challenge moments may be used for El Patron Tequila Challenge promotions! 🎥

Get ready to take on the challenge, Durban! 🌟 Are you up for it? 💪🔞